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The expiring screen is a smart list of items that need your attention:

  • Pantry Check analyzes and lists only the items that may need the user’s attention.
  • Items just added to the inventory may not appear right away, depending on when they expire.
  • Enable the expiration notifications to receive alerts when items may need your attention.

Alert Categories

Items in the expiring screen are sorted into several alert categories:

  • Check Expiration – there is no enough data to estimate the expiration date for these items and it may be a good idea to double-check and add the expiration date.
  • Expired – a list of items that have passed their expiration date, usually shelf-stable items.
  • Check if Spoiled – these are items that are closing in on their expiration date and may be actually going bad.
  • Nearing Expiration – these items have long shelf-life and tend to be used over long period of time – plan to use up in the coming couple of weeks or months.
  • Stale – these are items that are getting quite old and may have passed their best before date but could still be usable.
Expiring Screen


Enable notifications in Pantry Check > menu / settings and you’ll receive alerts about expiring items.

Expiration Alerts
Expiration Alerts
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